Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Welcome Home

Well hello!
To start things off I should establish why I am here.  I don’t know if anyone will actually look at this blog, and if they do, then great!  If they don’t, then I guess it would equate to me talking to myself, which is fine too.  We moved into our home a little over a month ago and it has been absolute chaos for most of that month.  We decided that our townhouse was just too small for our family and that we needed more space.  Somewhere in the process of packing and moving, time got away from us and we ended up moving and leaving our townhouse, which we are going to rent out, in absolute disarray.  So, now that we have moved, when I should be concentrating on our new house, I am spending all of my spare time painting and repairing things at the townhouse. 
But the townhouse isn’t why I am writing.  It’s the new house.  I approach the new house as an artist would approach a blank canvas.  Okay, maybe not a blank canvas.  That analogy may not work here.  How about how Rick Baker would approach an actor’s face on the set of a movie.  That makes a bit more sense.  The house is a 4 bedroom colonial, built in 1980 on about one and a quarter acre.  It has a 2 car garage, a full playground, and a ridiculously long driveway.  And when I say a full playground, I don’t mean a swing set that you buy at Lowes.  Oh yeah, and a CRAPLOAD of trees.  Mostly Oak trees, which make themselves apparent when you pull into the driveway and immediately it sounds as if you are driving a golf cart over bubble wrap from all of the acorns constantly falling from the trees.  But I love it.  It’s home.  I get a warm feeling whenever I pull up to the house. 
Back to the canvas part.  The house has had two owners before us.  Many things have been done to the house.  Crown molding in almost every room.  Workbenches in the garage.  Two decks.  Built in Humidor in the basement.  Hardwood floors throughout.  But you can tell that complacency had set in with the previous owners, as many things fell by the wayside.  Kitchen counters sag a bit in places, brush piles in the trees in the front yard, they didn’t caulk the crown molding, the French doors leading out onto the deck have rotted wood all the way around, to name a few.
I think I will shut my pie hole for now.  I look forward to sharing more in the future.  More stories, pictures, projects, and hopefully a lot more laughs!




  1. Welcome to blogger. It can be fun to keep a blog of your projects because it gives you an easy way to look back at your progress. I also use my blog as motivation for when I don't feel like stripping paint, or working on the yard, because I can see the beautiful projects we've already managed to do. It's helped.

    1. Thanks for the insight Sharon! That's one of the reasons I decided to do this. I always lose track of my past projects and what I've done. This has also given me a reason to take more pictures of my projects as I work.